Month: February 2013

Need to remind myself of this occasionally.

Is anyone else looking at the Leaderboard, sorting by Region and Division and randomly clicking on people to see what their self-reported PRs are? Or maybe looking at ‘12 results and doing “what if” scenarios?

Crossfit Myths (my view) – Workouts are Too Short

  • I looked on the site, and your workouts are only 10 minutes long. Is that enough time to see improvement?

If you look on most crossfit sites you will see only the high intensity portion of the workout (i.e. the WOD or Workout Of the Day)  which may be from 6 minutes up to 20 minutes or longer. Each workout is about an hour with the rest of the time covering a structured warm-up and often a strength component like heavy deadlifts. It’s an hour, or more, of work with a high intensity element that may be only a few minutes long.

By the time you have warmed up, stretched, and hit the strength portion you will find that “only 10 minutes” is some serious work. You may even be wishing it was only 9 minutes…

Just a few of the questions people have asked me during my limited time in this game. This is just my opinion as a participant, not a certified coach or affiliate owner. If you disagree feel free to correct me. I’ll make edits.

By this time next week we will have dreaded 13.1 for an entire day. I mean “celebrated” 13.1.

Raising Daughters…

Spent the evening with my girls. Convinced my oldest into reading with us at bedtime. She would rather read by herself, given that she reads at 10th grade level as a second grader, it’s cool for her to read alone, but very few things are better than two 2 sleepy leaning into you while you are reading a story. That might just be my opinion. Nah, that’s fact…

Spent the last few hours thinking about influence. How does one best influence girls today to grow up knowing a few things?

  • Their self-worth is not measured on a scale or clothing size.
  • No man is worth taking shit from. Ever.
  • Don’t tolerate anyone’s falsely imposed limits.
  • and so much more

Then I cruised around Web for a bit. A lot of good stuff. Some “I used to be fat (5’7” 110#’s) and now I look great (98#’s).” –  Seriously – that’s enough to freak a parent out. In the end it’s all about love, setting a great example, showing their Mom absolute respect (modelling a healthy relationship), supporting their adventures, giving them a shoulder when they need one.

Not sure where I’m going with this. Just musing along. Kids are a challenge. A good challenge, but a challenge nonetheless. The myriad of influences out there are a bit daunting.

Maybe it’s no different for boys, but I don’t have boys…

This gif reminds me of just how important shoulder mobility is and how much work I need to do. That there are two amazing looking women in it is secondary. Really!!!



That’s 1 week ladies and gentlemen. If I can call you that….

Just think, this time next week we will be eagerly awaiting the announcement of 13.1, and we will groan no matter what it is…  😉

i hate it already, and its still a week away from being announced. i did two wod’s today and im so outta shape its absurd. i will deff not place anywhere near where i have the last two years.

Not placing anywhere near is much better than not placing, no?

You got this.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy….. And whether or not he lays on the floor after a WOD. Get up youngster!

Martin Luther King

Discretion being the better part of valor, today’s WOD will again be chiropractic sets. Heat, stim, adjust.

As much as I want to hit it hard, my body is telling me to get some things fixed first. And it’s my night to put the kids to bed which limits bandwidth to get to the box and get to the doc.

Priorities, priorities, priorities.

One track state of mind today…. missing my flatwater paddling. It’s awesome for core strength. It’s also amazing for your mind. Something about the rhythm of flatwater paddling is good for the soul.