Crossfit Myths (my view) – Workouts are Too Short

  • I looked on the site, and your workouts are only 10 minutes long. Is that enough time to see improvement?

If you look on most crossfit sites you will see only the high intensity portion of the workout (i.e. the WOD or Workout Of the Day)  which may be from 6 minutes up to 20 minutes or longer. Each workout is about an hour with the rest of the time covering a structured warm-up and often a strength component like heavy deadlifts. It’s an hour, or more, of work with a high intensity element that may be only a few minutes long.

By the time you have warmed up, stretched, and hit the strength portion you will find that “only 10 minutes” is some serious work. You may even be wishing it was only 9 minutes…

Just a few of the questions people have asked me during my limited time in this game. This is just my opinion as a participant, not a certified coach or affiliate owner. If you disagree feel free to correct me. I’ll make edits.

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