Month: April 2013

Would that we all lived a bit more carefree.

Mermaid Cafe, Kapa’a Town, Kaua’i (BTW, the fish tacos are amazing)


Red Bull Run 400. The hardest 400m run in Europe.

This is kind of interesting. It would be REALLY interesting if they made it an 800m.

if ya know what I mean….

Exercise Versus Calories on Menu Lists

Exercise Versus Calories on Menu Lists

I have often said that calories are meaningless, an abstraction to most folks. It’s a unit of energy used to heat water. How does that relate to our stomach?

But putting “you will have to walk 15 miles to work off this Big Mac” seems to register with folks.

Turns out that I matched my clean PR when I was doing heavy sets yesterday. That’s a nice surprise.

There is a moment when you switch from laughing at someone who falls down to being jealous that they are out there trying to make it happen while you just watch. At that moment you can make a choice: put up or shut up?


I don’t always eat sea snails, but when it’s ab season and your neighbor just brought some back… Sliced and pounded they are delicious.

10 Minutes of Suck

WOD as Rx: 10 min AMRAP, 95# Thruster / 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing.

Sub’d squat cleans – I really need to work at getting under the bar, and no time like the present to work on it. Right?

Did a bunch of heavy squat cleans and was feeling quite trashed.

For the WOD, I was gassed before Cheryl even said “GO!” 10 minutes of total suck.

Thinking it’s a bunch of things, but mainly diet. Fueled horribly today. Stayed clean, but didn’t eat much other than cashews and apples. Had a T-bone sitting at home that I forgot to bring this morning.

Will hit it again tomorrow. I’ve been told that tomorrow is a new day.

Tunnels beach, Kauai. Not a bad place to spend an afternoon with the family.

Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.

Ummm “once made equal?” WTF century are you living in Socrates?

Workout or Wonder?

Hit the beach with the family yesterday. Brought my board. Ocean was almost glass. Instead of surfing I cruised flatwater for about 1/2 an hour. Getting into the rhythm of paddling is good for the soul. Having two dolphins surface about 50’ in front of me is even better for the soul.

Spending a sunny day on the beach with my family… you get the progression… is even better.

Raced home to host a dinner for friends then crashed hard as my wife watched the 1st season of some show called “Downton Abbey” which, it turns out is not set in the urban core of a city nor is there any character named “Abbey.” Very confusing.

Did I mention the dolphins?