Month: May 2013

Another day. Another PR.

Turkish Get Up. 62#.

With my bad arm too. After a drought it feels good to see progress again. Really good.

Chris Spealler has some wicked fast pullups.

Don’t rest during Jackie. Easy for me to say…

Stronger. Fitter. Me.: Struggle…

Stronger. Fitter. Me.: Struggle…


Lately I’ve been struggling to get my head in the game when it comes to metcons at the box. Throw me some lifting and I’m happy, but the metcons have seriously effed with my head. Today we did “Kelly,” which, if you didn’t know, is 5 rounds for time of a 400m run, 20 box jumps and 30 wall balls….

It’s a bit cliche, but you are never as tired as you think you are. You always have one more rep in you. You can always do just….one…..more…..wallball (and I hate wallballs with a passion).

The best advice I have heard recently is to do everything you can to speak to yourself like your coach would. Your coach would say positive, motivating things. That’s what they are paid to to, but they are usually pretty good at it….

Your coach would never say, “Damn, you look like crap. Maybe you should quit.” Or “this workout really sucks. You will hate it.”

Tell yourself that you look good – even if you know you don’t. Tell yourself that you can do a set of 5 – even if you think another rep will kill you.

It’s easier said than done, but if it gets you one more rep this time it will get you 2 more reps next time.

1 Millisecond

How long it takes you to switch from “HELL YEAH NEW PR” to:

How do I go heavier?




Spot on.

Could see it at smaller comps, but this is the big show. Only 12 athletes at a time all with ID wristbands. Thinking it’s more style than need.

Why is there bodymarking at the Crossfit Regionals?


Heavy set today was 3 RM snatch. I was happy to work this as I have not had much opportunity to work snatch, and I still dread dropping under the bar in a squat snatch. I’m sure that having unstable shoulders does not help at all.

My patellas were killing me, and with the main set including double unders I knew I had to roll my quads out. Unfortunately that meant I had very little time to work on my shoulder mobility. Keeping things light I warmed up the snatch with only 75#. On my first rep something popped in my right shoulder. It didn’t feel good, but my range of motion was better afterwards.

Started adding weight and felt pretty good. My hips were working well. I could only get to a power snatch, so I practiced getting to a power snatch and riding that down to a squat.

Squatting while catching a bar overhead is scary as hell.

Was able to increase my 1RM by 20 pounds. Love that though it was really ugly by the time I did it for 3 reps. I could easily see where getting under the bar would help – a lot!

WOD was 10 min. AMRAP 40 DU, 10 dumbbell snatches.

In all honesty, I did not do 40 DUs. I counted consecutive passes and when I got roughly to 30 or so I switched over to dumbbell snatches. I’m not far off from continuous DUs. When I focus I can knock out a string of them. 

Go figure – regular practice leads to improvement!

Good day. Skipped the post WOD shower. Nobody in the office has complained. Yet.