Month: June 2013

New Brighton #beach

Had to open an Instagram acct for a client. Figured might as well do the same, finally.

I’m just sad that my sister isn’t here.

7 year old daughter this morning waking up this morning after her 8 yo sister’s first sleepover away.

Just a touch warmer today.

“Braro” – if it’s a made up WOD, it’s gonna hurt

2 coaches have a birthday this weekend, so they put their evil minds and their names together on this one

Hang power clean (Rx 135#, used 115#)

I can power clean 135 pretty well but not well enough for a WOD. 95# would be with good form. Screw that, I did 115. It hurt, but I did it. There will be thigh bruising tomorrow.

Love that moment when time doesn’t matter. It’s only about reppin’ it out no matter what the clock says. Hit the last set of hang power clean 4/5 then on to pull-ups where one of the namesake coaches got in my ear, so I had to go unbroken. 9 pull-ups is easy, except at the end of 21-15-9.

Went unbroken then he stayed in my ear for my nemesis – wallballs. Sucked it up and went unbroken to close the WOD. Hella hot in the box even at 9am.

What an awesome way to hit a Saturday.


Miranda in the regionals

Crossfit crush….

CB4 aside…. this guy is going to be remembered as the preeminent philosopher/social commentator of my generation.

Coming soon to a box near you.

P.S. check out if you are interested. They are placing an order.

Little warm here folks….


Jody Geare at Rockview Beach in Santa Cruz, CA #CrossFit

Pleasure Point. Great waves. Great place. Will be there tomorrow.