Month: July 2013

Garrett Fisher – Post-Sprint Chipper and still not a hair out of place.

In Portugal with the IRS on you … That’s fodder for Kafka.

Yes, they really did call and say that. Though it has been months in the making. During the previous call agent said, “your math is correct. I have no idea why we did this, but I can’t do anything about it. Maybe I’ll make a note in your file.”

The call today was a huge relief. The initial bill was much higher. Scary stuff.

That moment, when the IRS calls, and says, “Sorry, our mistake. You do not owe us $10,000.”

Daughterly smackdown

Did my usual end of the night (11pm’ish) rounds, shutting off fans, checking comforters, giving my girls a good night kiss as they sleep.

For the record, I’m right handed and can’t use my right arm completely for the next few weeks.

Youngest wakes up and say,you need to shave.”

Sorry beard fans. Lucas Parker – clean shaven.


Why do you say that form is not important in the Games? Form is fundamental to CrossFit.

I’m not saying that form is unimportant. I’m saying that the Games are the Games. Judging CF by the Games is like judging all running by how fast the 100m dash was in the Olympics.

Can’t answer for anyone else, but I workout at 3 of Khalipa’s boxes. Proper form is HUGE in all locations. Heck, Khalipa, has limited his On-Ramp courses because they can’t train enough coaches to meet the demand of new crossfitters. All of his coaches focus on it.

Even with his clear focus on form was Khalipa perfect in his movements this weekend? Nope. If he saw me in the box doing something wrong would he (or any of his coaches) get on me to correct it? Absolutely, and they have.

Just saying that day-to-day CrossFit, for us, is not indicative of what elite level athletes will do to win the Games. I separate the two. I get major stoke from watching the elites throwdown, but they aren’t me.

There should be a Winter CrossFit Games.

Me – hard to maintain the stoke I get from watching the big throwdown.

Enough with the “CrossFit Games are not indicative of CrossFit” blather

After the Olympics nobody writes, “sure Michael Phelps swam purdy good, but that’s not what you should expect if you get in your apartment complex swimming pool tomorrow.”

And why don’t they write that?

Because we all know we are not Michael Pelps!!!

Duh! We also know that Usain Bolt is hella faster than any of us and that we will NEVER run faster than he does. That don’t make us any better or any worse as people. We just know that owning running shoes does not qualify us for the World Championships or the pro corral at the Boston Marathon.

Why is there this weird thought meme running around that going to a box makes everybody a shoe-in for the Games or that the Games does not paint a good portrait of CrossFit?

Makes no sense. And I won’t get started on people critiquing lifting form. Racing through 15 deadlifts when a $275,000 check is on the line is not at all comparable to using good form during a WOD.

Oops. Guess I did get started on form…

The Games are the Games. What we do in a box is similar, but it’s not equal.

Waking lunges – good point. Added to the list.

Double unders – def need work, but they require shoulders. Won’t be including them in the near term. Maybe after I get some healing in and before I’m allowed to lift again.

Thanks for the good thoughts. Appreciate everyone’s input and well wishes!

Solely for my benefit – 10 Rules to Live By

  1. Don’t be stupid. Though I hate to be out of the box the only thing I can do in the near term is make things worse. Let it heal.
  2. The 3 little holes on the outside of my shoulder in no way indicate what work was done on the inside.
  3. In the long run I will be better, and stronger, than I was.
  4. 2 months off beats 2 years off.
  5. Ice. It’s my friend.
  6. Not being able to rack a bar can be a good thing. It’s not like my air squat was perfect and needed no work.
  7. Pistols are also a body weight movement that I could use some work on.
  8. Having a kickass air squat and solid pistols will do me well in the long run.
  9. Being able to stabilize a bar in an overhead squat will take time, but being able to lock out my shoulders will be worth its weight in gold.
  10. Lower body flexibility can be improved without using my arms.

    and the bonus rule

  11. I will keep my oly shoes in a prominent place to remind myself that they will be worn again.