Month: August 2013

Headin’ to the ranch.

Get to visit family and, most importantly, get to say “Hi” to next year’s steer.

Pozo bound.

The only reason that is funny…

is because I would do it.

Tumblr Dashboard and cool people

I don’t follow a lot of people. To my tastes, the Tumblr Dashboard is a bit like structure chaos with too many feeds, but I like checking out my follower list and catching up on people.

Gotta say, pretty amazing what people think, do, struggle with, overcome, triumph over, no to mention just how raw some people are willing to be with their emotions.

Amazing stuff.

“I don’t know Scott so I can’t speak to the content of his character (I’m sure he’s a decent guy), “

I see this often in articles, but the part (up there^^^^), in parentheses, pretty much means that the guy is an asshole.


I thought you were a CrossFit blog.

I’m a “me” blog. Whatever that means. Literally – whatever I feel like it means on a given day.

This should scare the crap out of you. But 0.05% is so little…

Then do the math. US GDP is about $15Trillion (yes, trillion). 0.05% of 15T = 750 BILLION $$$$$$’s.

Research and Development is the future. We are sacrificing our future. But let’s keep talking about abortion and gay marriage and medical marijuana instead….

Ummmm, ok.

Was that the more general “why would anyone leave SJ to go to LA?” or the more specific “why would anyone fly LA only to fly back to SF (30 miles north of SJC) and then fly to Palm Springs?”

Because both are entirely valid questions…. 😉

San Jose to Palm Springs via LAX and SFO….

Does anybody else see just how stupid this routing is?

Oh hell yeah! Perfect score English, darn near perfect Math. Awesome job 3rd grader. #california #star test