Month: October 2013

Halloween candy

it’s crap.

Wife bought two of the big bags to give out, “and I bought stuff that neither you nor I would be tempted by.” Well, she doesn’t know just how tempted I can get. About junk food. That’s what I’m talking about here, just junk food.

One bag had Milk Duds, and I was tempted. So I grabbed a couple. They used to be chocolaty and chewy. Now they are chewy, but the brown colored wax they are coated with is NOT chocolate. “chocolate by-products” maybe.

That stuff was nasty.


That’s the worst Captain Hook Grip costume I have ever seen.

One income ain’t easy

Cashflow is tight. Tough choices are made. Maintenance is deferred. etc.

But for everything our kids do a parent is there. 9am Halloween costume parade – check. Class party – check.

that’s priceless.

It’s a blessing that we appreciate every day. 

This is an appropriate moment for a high five.

If we actually knew each other and didn’t live in opposite parts of the country.

e-high five it is then….!

Passion is cool. Finding your passion? Not always easy but so satisfying.

Really, you are beautiful just the way you are. Well, let’s clean up a couple of blemishes with Photoshop.

University of Oxford Study: Women with big butts are smarter, healthier

University of Oxford Study: Women with big butts are smarter, healthier

Science. You can’t argue with science.

I loves me some science.

Play games I do not. #halloween

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! The couch is eating my daughter!
Or there’s a heater vent under there. #family #kids

Is it weird that I actually get high from really good financial analysis?


Who needs crystal meth?

For the numbers geeks in the crowd….

Eureka moment, new adjusted forecast totaled up to within 2% of the kinda more official finance version. SCORE!!!

Oops, but for the 5 major line items there were variances of up to 59%.

Really, we are so completely wrong in our base numbers that we are off by over 50%. I wonder why we cannot accurately forecast our gross margins to the Street and why they believe we do not understand our own business.