Month: November 2013

We don’t always do back-to-back partner WODS

but when we do it’s usually a holiday weekend.

As a team 15min AMRAP:
30m handstand walk or 40 handstand hand releases
20m walking lunge
20 thrusters
20 pull-ups

Funny that I never see pattern until I write up the WOD…

Handstand releases for time are tougher than I thought. Did a wall climb after round 1.

Intended to front squat but partner went with 75#, so I thrustered. Pull-ups again. Prob not smart, but I was feeling good.

Turns out partner had shoulder surgery 3 years ago and wants it for his other shoulder as his first shoulder feels so good. I’m not of that mindset yet. Still recovering.

Good WOD, not too spicy.

Post WOD talking with a couple ladies. One forgets to breathe during pull-ups. I mentioned that I do same during wallballs. Her reply, “But wallballs are easy. Here’s how you…..”

Methinks she missed the point. Everyone has their goat.

Out of town for nephew’s going into the Navy BBQ tomorrow. Wishing the best for him.

Asked my PT, “what do you think of kipping pullups?”

nothing but laughter.

Then a great explanation.

anything you do repeatedly and to excess will hurt you. It’s not if but when. That’s the nature of mechanical systems. Anything you do repeatedly, to excess, and with bad form will hurt you sooner. Kipping pullups are a technique intensive skill that are not taught well or monitored effectively. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, constantly study, learn new techniques, and there’s just no escaping it. It’s not ‘CrossFit.’ It’s life. Running will hurt you. Yoga, the way people do it to excess, will hurt you. The problem isn’t exercise, it is how people exercise.”

Weight belts

Good idea or primarily a crutch? (for the majority of people)

Edit: IMO, crutches aren’t bad. Sometimes the mental boost is worth it.

Black Friday team WOD

With a partner do the following team totals:

Row 2,000m
50 back squat
60 pull-up
30 hang power clean
200m barbell carry

Catch: barbell may not touch the ground at any time or 5 burpee penalty.

Teamed with fellow gray hair. He could do Rx at 115#, but my shoulder said not too. Going overhead to get into back squat was too much at 115#. We used 95#.

Held 1:39/1:40 on the 500s

Was able to hit 2sets of 10 pull-ups. Last set was broken. Shouldn’t be doing them anyway, so no big.

Cleans: you know those moments when you want your partner to suck so you can breathe? He repped those sets of 5 out like they were curls. I gave him time to rest. I’m just nicer that way…. 😉

Best part? Had my girls with me. They were using the J-cups on the rig to get up to the rings, doing multiple rope climbs: to the 10’ mark, to the shackle AND to the 14’ ceiling. Love, love, love seeing them play in the box. It pays off.

One guy asked “how long have your girls been doing crossfit?” – they haven’t! Kids love to play and they will play on whatever is available, play structure, tree stump, or Rogue pull-up rig.

Oh yeah. Our bar never touched the ground. Score!

Winter coat or suns-out-guns-out? #soconfused #winter

What if “Elf on the Shelf” was really invented by the NSA to get kids used to being spied on?

just asking

CrossFit Rule #2

Do morning WODs.

Shit gets crazy during the day which often makes it impossible to hit evening WODs.

Great meal, easy morning cooking, great friends

spent all morning cooking. Definite peace in preparing food.

Delicious meal, if I do say so myself.

Only downside, I am now keenly aware of how grains affect me. Really didn’t understand that before going Primal. Delicious to taste. 3+ hours of misery later.

How did I not realize that for so long? Glad to know it now. Will indulge on the big holidays and deal with it.

Live clean. Love long.

Drove an hour to look at a puppy in a shelter for my 9 year old

got there just as another family was taking the paperwork to adopt it.

Bumming. It was a pretty cool little dog.

#spices $0.99 per ounce instead of $6+ per ounce. Just have to buy in packets instead of glass jars. And it’d the the (gasp) #mexican foods aisle. Same damn cumin if you ask me.