Month: December 2013

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Pink #camelbak yo. New Years Eve hike. #kids #trail #livingoutdoors

If I go out and buy a new car today will I feel better about myself?

Box review: Crossfit Northern Inferno, Paso Robles

Sooo, if you are going to the other other wine country you have a place to throwdown….

Bill Grundling opened up a satellite location of Crossift Inferno in Paso and named it Northern Inferno.

Great place. Easy to find. Just off the main square (kinda). People were welcoming. As always things run a little differently than I am used to. Warmup was a bunch of mobility work (good) and they then have a “regular” warmup routine of 10ea pullups, pushups, OHS, air squats, and presses. I’m less a fan of the same warmup everyday, but that’s because I get bored if it was my place.

We did the WOD and then another burner. I prefer warmup-strength/skill-WOD – that’s just personal preference.

Facility is clean, open, well stocked. Coach was really nice and helped me out with some great pointers. Drop-in fee was an exorbitant $0. Loved that.

For those who don’t know, north of San Francisco is Napa (et al) wine country. North of Santa Barbara is the Santa Ynez wine region. Paso is an old cow town. Really, when I started going there 25 years ago there were only 2 reasons to go: agriculture and water skiing. Since then it has blossomed as a really cool wine region with lots of great wineries, some nice restaurants, and it’s not too far from the coast. If you get a chance check it out.

Cow town – I get a steer every year from Paso, so it’s still got that going for it.

Bitchin’ about ‘em only makes it harder.

folks were whining yesterday. made no sense.

Goals for ’14 – how about a recap of ’13?

2013 will go down primarily as a year of failure. The old saying:

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Sometime in early ‘13 I typed out a “goal” list. Surprise, surprise it was “XXX# back squat, XXX# front squat, yada, yada, yada…..” In all honesty it was more of a brainstorming thing done without a lot of thought.

So I had a list but I did not have a plan. I hit nothing on the list. I could have hit all of them, but hitting extended goals requires a bit more than WOD programming. And I was out for 4 months with shoulder surgery not to mention not being 100% leading up to surgery.

But here’s the point, at least in my mind, “Live and Learn.”

So whatamigonnado? Simple. 2014’s goals are a redux of 2013, but there’s a plan attached. Going to keep it simple with the russian/bulgarian/whatever squat cycle starting in January. Work strength in addition to regular WODs for 10 weeks. Test. Assess. Analyze. Replan.

Just want to hit some goals.

Will need to add:

  • 40# to my back squat
  • 10# to my front squat (duh)
  • 25# to my clean
  • 25# to my deadlift (should come with the squat cycle, but may be tougher than I’m thinking)
  • 15# to my OHS
  • 24# to my snatch (this will take technique work)

Did I fail in 2013? Well, yeah. Fail, by definition, means to be unsuccessful. I failed.

I can deal with that, but I cannot deal with accepting it.

Really could use me some warms water right about now.

Warm water with waves? Yes, please.


… but Maddox tho.

Too funny. When I first saw this I thought, “Neal gets no love….”


whole pig for super bowl sunday…! need directions to the party.. had that for both my graduation party and best friends wedding reception… thanks my mouth is watering now… lol!

My buddy has a Caja China box. Makes cooking it pretty easy. There are a few pics in my blog from the last round. Meat just falls off the bone, and the presentation is amazing.

Lifting heavy shit is its own reward

Friend is making super hero wrist wraps. Hmmmm who could these be perfect for?