Month: January 2014

The funnest part of yesterday’s mile

New guy in the gym, Young (aren’t they all?), fit, nice guy. We were lined up at the start line and chatting before the flag dropped. everyone else was getting set up on their ergs.We discussed the route, blah, blah, blah. Then he said, “I’ll just hang with you through this.”

No you won’t.

Tell-tale footsteps through the first corner. Then silence.

I know. I’m egotistical. I’m a raging pit of insecurity. I shouldn’t seek to validate myself through others.

But, damned if it doesn’t feel good to drop somebody.


Why Paleo?


Well, I initially did it just for a 9 week Paleo Challenge at my CrossFit box. I lost a lot of body fat, while still gaining strength from training. My wife actually won the challenge. So, our household was following it strictly for the duration of the challenge. 

To celebrate, we went out for dinner and I had a dish that had gluten in it. Mistake. I had a bad reaction to it and felt horrible for about 3 days. Before that, I really had no idea that I couldn’t handle gluten. I had already discovered that dairy bothered me about 2 years earlier (after a lifetime of eating dairy products). Going off most dairy had helped that. But, now I found that my digestive system reacted very poorly to gluten, which explained a lot of things.

My whole life I’ve felt bad after eating a meal. Sick to my stomach, achey. Doctors told me to avoid spicy food, oily food, etc. (dumbass doctors). I also suffered with aching joints ever since I was a little kid. My dad said that was how he felt too, and blamed it on early onset of rheumatoid arthritis (supposedly runs in the family). I just assumed that was “normal” for me. Every since I was about 17, I’ve kept Rolaids and Pepto in my pocket to take after every meal. I was wrong.

I stayed off gluten after that incident and discovered something funny. My stomach stopped hurting. As long as I avoided gluten and dairy, I could eat anything spicy, oily, whatever, and I felt fine. Matter of fact, I felt great. My joints no longer ached constantly. I felt the best I had every felt in my life, since I was a little kid. So, I stuck with Paleo for a few years. 

But, I found that I couldn’t really gain mass on strict Paleo. So I morphed my diet into more of a Primal style. More veggie-based carbs from sweet potatoes. That worked for me. I feel great and I can make better gains, get stronger, pack on more muscle. I don’t eat dairy, so it’s hard to describe my foodstyle as really Primal. I guess the best way to describe it is “unprocessed”. I buy fresh meats, seafood, veggies, and fruit; and I prepare almost all of my own meals. When I do eat out, it is stuff like sashimi (some sushi), steak and veggies, chicken and veggies, etc. Basically, no breaded or super-prepared meals. 

It has opened up a whole new world of cooking for me. Rather than taking the easy route, we’ve been forced to learn how to really cook. How to spice, season, and prepare creatively delicious meals. People act like my foodstyle is restrictive, but I’m actually eating a much, much larger and wider variety of veggies, meats, etc. than I every did before (when I could just grab a pizza on the way home). You can see almost all of my meals here: 


4 Hour Conference Call – none of my products

but occasionally, something is said that impacts my customers. Occasionally, as in something is “slipped in” intentionally that the speaker knows is a total ass covering gesture.

“What? You didn’t know about the slip? It was discussed on January 31st….” (during a meeting about something else)

Corporate America…. bein’ productive

2,000m row in 8:04 – absymal

But, in my defense, prior to that row I did a 10 min alternating session of 30sec for 5 dumbbell thrusters/30 handstand holds (hollow rocks 4-10) 

and before that I ran a 5:59 mile. Cold.

WOD was 12 min to row 2,000 then do the 10 min thing, but we were short a few rowers. I really wanted to row, but my partner didn’t. So afterwards I pulled down a rower.

It hurt a lot more than I thought it would.

Didn’t hurt my pride to suck it up and get to 2k though.

I know we are moving offices tomorrow, but whoever unplugged the coffee machine TODAY is going to die.


Don’t wish for someone else’s body. Instead, work hard and eat right and turn yours into a work of art.

But what if they are really, really hot. Can we wish for their body then? Just for a little while?

standard disclaimer applies: I am only allowed to want one body…

The only kinds of running shoes you should buy are…..

Reading comments on a couple of sites and came across the be-all-end-all analysis of running shoes. Well, the statements are definitely end-all as in it should end-all discussion with the author due to lack of intelligence.

The worst part of running shoes is how tough it is to find the “right” pair for you. It’s not about brand. It’s not about color (shocker!). It’s about your stride, your foot placement, the last of the shoe….

and the worst(est) part – shoemakers change their products every year.

I have had great luck with ASICS. Ran with the Kayanos for years and years and years. Then I dropped in at a great running store where the guy REFUSED to sell me any shoes until he had checked out my stride. Well, I’m sure he would have sold me a pair, but the stride analysis was free. Plus it had been years since I’d worried about it.

He was right. The Kayanos had morphed so much that they were the wrong shoe for me. I switched over to the Nimbus, and that was after trying Brooks, Nike and New Balance. Sure I stayed with ASICS, but the shoe was completely different.

These days I’m sold on New Balance MT20 minimalist shoes.

When it comes to running shoes forget your brand loyalty. Sure, those Nike Pro short shorts make your legs look amazing, but that doesn’t mean you should pair them with Nike shoes.

Get thee to a good running store, spend some time with many shoes. Videotape yourself running in the parking lot. (if they don’t let you run in the shoes – they are not a “good running store”). Then, every few years do the same again.

Sure, running stores charge more than Road Runner Sports, but it’s worth it. Buy your supplemental shoes from an online store – we all do it.

And if anyone says, “You should only buy ASICS (or Brook, or Nike) running shoes” just smile and nod like you would with any halfwit.

Slo-mo snatching, Khalipa, Fisher, Oldroyd, and that Kendrick Farris guy. Is the any good?

Yes.(and his bar path is ridiculously vertical. how the heck?)

6 months no travel

Orange County next week

Austin the week after

Have I mentioned that I crave business travel?

Only question now is which box to drop in at.

Anyone else get 40 TENS electrode patches today?

or just this kid?


(Note: I could probably use a more exciting life, but let me believe I’m living on the edge, OK?)