Month: February 2014

Oh thanks. Double Unders. Can 14.2 have Pistols and Muscle-ups just to make me even more miserable?

I’m speaking for the silent majority…

Did this on a whim. Will say the last module would have been MUCH faster if I had read the instructions. Yes, the irony of not reading the instructions for a “judges” course.

Kept inputting the number of Good reps after subtracting off the No Reps. Oops. So much easier to just count the No Reps.

Mud surfing. Fitness in action.

Doubt that it’s about fitness? Slog that hill 5 or 6 times…..

touches so many buttons…..

Cardio Movie Theater

Enjoy popular movies from the 80s to today while you workout on a wide selection of the very latest cardio equipment.
marketing copy from a new gym opening in our area.

Took some progress pics this week

Front view
Back view
Side view

Instagram ain’t got enough filters to make everything right

Worked on Double Unders tonight.


No reason…

Listening to DMX at ear splitting volume

because… fuck it.





Well there you go. DUs and light snatches.

Fun for the first round. Heavy for the remaining 9 minutes. Happy I have DU and I hope they’re around tomorrow. Goodbye forearms, ye have served me well.

Interesting choice, HQ…

Ugh. Snatches are what put me out for a month due to shoulder problems.

Do I want to do this!?

Only a month?

Hell, I’m totally jealous now.

Oh shit. Wish I had double unders

about 45% of the CrossFit world right about now….