14.4 – 10 reps less than plan, TTB got me

Showed up way early to mobilize. I needed it. Also hopped on an erg. Thanks to who said, “for men it’s about 10m per stroke and approx. 1 cal.” That’s what I was getting.

The WOD.

60 Calorie Row – about 1 cal per stroke and 20 strokes per minute. Steady, but strong pace, got me done in 3 minutes feeling good.

took a few seconds to put my gymnast palm guard things one. I always tear  during toes to bar.

50 Toes-to-Bar – plan was sets of 5. That worked until 25. Was making great time. Then I flat out lost it. Couldn’t control my descent and had to go to singles. Got no-repped several times. No reps are a total waste of energy. At one point had to tell my judge, “toes need to break the plane, not “hit” the bar.” Took prob 5 minutes to suck through the TTB.

40 Wallballs – I suck at wallballs. Did one set of 10 and the rest by sets of 5. Tried to get back to the ball quickly every time. Had some great cheering from teammates. Really appreciated that.

30 (20) Cleans at 135# – Wow. Open workouts tear you apart. With the TTB I had no hip/ab power to get hip extension, and the wallballs toasted my quads. Kept hitting singles as best as I could. Got 5 reps in the last 20 seconds to hit 20 total cleans.

I don’t usually fall out after a WOD, but I was shot for this one. Really thought I could get to 180 reps, but once my TTBs went it was over. Need to work on multiple TTBs going forward.

No plans to redo. This one hurt too much, and I’m not sure that I’ll do much better.

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