It’s a small world, and 14.5

No, I didn’t do 14.5, yet. Hit up the 7am class to mobilize, mobilize, mobilize. Spent an hour with my bestest buddy, Mr. Foam Roller. Afterwards I felt “uhhhhhmazing!” Seriously need to incorporate more of this stuff especially if I hope to ramp up intensity.

Watching the 7am crew hit 14.5. One dude nailed it in 15:02. Wow. Turns out he’s from namastebandar‘s box. If I could have half of his 6-pack I would be a happy, happy man. Really nice guy when chatting after. Coach mentioned this beast’s warmup sets during yesterdays Front Squat were jumps from 135 to 225 to 315…. I don’t always add 45’s, but when I do I add them in pairs.

Big 14.5 bash going down at 5pm. That’s when I will be hitting it.

Honestly, this one scares the hell out of me. True jitters. That’s a whole lot of thrusters on my not quite ready shoulder.

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