Month: April 2014

and it’s a hot one.

like 7 inches from the midday sun….

Aaaargh! No dear Christian, you are not under attack

Oh, the office. Dude 1 is miffed that Dude 2 told him he was wrong. Now Dude 1 is claiming that he is being discriminated against because of…”his faith.”

First off, don’t discuss religion or politics in the office. The ONLY thing that will happen is somebody will get pissed off. I guarantee it.

So Dude 1 is an evangelical Christian. Frankly, nobody cares. Well, Dude 1 cares, and he should. It’s clearly important to him. He has a crucifix on his desk, a picture of an incredibly Aryan Jesus in his cube, and, when he wears t-shirts, they have Christian slogans or Bible passages. Again, nobody has said a thing about this. Yes, we have other Christians in the office. Not to mention, we also have Hindus and Muslims and Buddhists… Welcome to the Valley.

Dude 1 said something about his opinion on a political matter. Dude 2 called bullshit. Now, Dude 1 is all in a huff that he is being persecuted for his faith.

No, you wanted to voice your opinion. You did. We get that your political views are shaped by your choice or religion. In this case the reply you received has nothing to do with your (emphasis on “your”) religion. The reply was solely because someone else thinks your opinion is bullshit. You wanted to voice your opinion. You did. They wanted to disagree. They did. That’s it. That’s all.

It’s seriously annoying to listen to as it’s not persecution. If it was persecution his iconography would have been removed long ago.

90deg outside, and I made the choice to come into the office

could have worked at home today. Wife may or may not be laying out soaking up sun on the back deck. Call me what you will, but I like it when my wife lays out….

and I came into the office just in case I recover enough to hit Nukes hero WOD this afternoon, so I can finish it.

I ain’t right in the head.


What hero is this? Sounds fun.

I had to look it up. It’s “Nukes” after U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Matthew “Nukes” Manoukian.

Turns out he was a local boy too.

Oh hell no….

Showed up at 6am to find out the WOD was a hero.
1mi run
Rest of 8min max deadlift (Rx 315)
1mi run
Rest of 10min power clean
1mi run
Rest of 12min OHS

Hit the first in a good, but not intense, 6:30. 5 deadlifts at 275#. May have been a mistake

Slower pace on the second run. Right lower back started tightening up at about 100m. Totally seized at 600m. Had to walk it in and call it. Rolled out while others finished.

Prob went heavier than I should have on the deads and barely got to class on time. So no mobility beforehand. Doh!

Mobility is key.

Really want to go back this afternoon and hit the whole WOD. Would go lighter and a little slower, but wife has a night out planned at a wine bar which I have to be back before. Plus I shouldn’t court injury.

Like that’s ever stopped me…

After all it will be 90deg. Suns out gunz out.

Power cleans and Tabatas

Felt horrible. Stomach upset. Hit it anyway

Main set was 2×5 power clean at 70% and 3×3 push press at 70%. So I did 4×5 power clean from 75% to 90%. Yep, 90%. Got some great coaching too. My knees keep coming in during my 2nd pull.

Press… 3×3 at 95%….. Days off can be good.

Then Tabata pull-ups, Tabata squats (I jumped rope) the 4min of :30 plank :30 v-ups. Hot damn that hurt.

Got nice and sweaty.

Did I mention it’s warm here?

Anybody else interested in a mental health day this week?

Looks like it’s cooling off to a bitterly cold 72deg on Saturday. 90deg tomorrow. Need to work on my tan….

Clev and WHNE???? When do you two hang out without telling us?

clevcrew workhard-noexcuses

Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban

Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban


Another one bites the dust.

I’m not sure how a lifetime ban affects his ownership but we shall see.

$2.5 M is a drop in the bucket, especially since people knew of his views from way before.

Oh societial pressure, you work in mysterious ways.

NBA had no choice.

Yep. Given the visibility the NBA had no choice.

Too bad the NBA didn’t exercise better judgement over the years when his abhorrent behavior was revealed time and time and time again.

Now if the Clippers will lose gracefully and bow out of the playoffs it will be best for everyone (and Warriors fans).

Kat Althoff Gets Rank

Kat Althoff Gets Rank

Love this article. US Army soldier. CrossFittter. Oh, and that she has a full-time girlfriend gets the same amount of attention it would if it were a hetero relationship, “along with part-time schoolwork and a full-time girlfriend.”

Long ways to go, but clearly a lot of distance has been covered.