2nd time’s a charm – Nukes part deux

hit the box again. watched a guy from the earlier class do Nukes Rx (315# deads, 225# cleans, 135# OHS) – that’s BEASTLY!!!

It was hot. Over 90deg. Not killer hot, but hot for this time of year. Coach asked if I really wanted to try it again. Hell yes I do.

WOD is 
1 mile run
rest of 8min, max deadlifts (Rx 315, I did 225)
immediately run another 1 mile
rest of 10min, max power clean (Rx 225, I did 135)
immediately run another 1 mile
rest of 12min, max OHS (Rx 135, I did push press at 95 – because the math was easy)

First run was 6:44. A little slower than this morning. Back started seizing up during the second lap. Turns out the deads were not my problem this morning. My running form was the problem. Oh well, suck it up and keep going.

2nd run was 8:07, cleans were singles

3rd run was 8:33. Felt good to hold a somewhat decent pace and close to my 2nd mile time.

Presses were challenging. Really glad I wasn’t going for overhead squats.

OK, that’s it. Yes, my back hurt like hell. Well, my right side. Not “back pain” per se. My knees were killing me too. Should have rolled out, but I needed to get home to free my wife for a girls night out. And traffic sucked because of the Sharkies game.

Should have sucked it up this morning, but it felt good to go back and get it done.

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