Commit to it. Shut up and commit to it.

Mentioned earlier that I worked on muscle ups this morning instead of hitting the WOD. Did that for 2 reasons – the WOD looks NASTY! and I’m trying to put work in on skills (double unders, muscle ups, pistols). Unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Started off with a band on rings, snapping from hollow rock to superman, pulling in my knees and snapping up. Oh yeah, it’s a snap. Funny how flippin’ fast it really is. Worked that a lot.

Moved to the rings. First couple tries were nonsense. Pure, unfettered nonsense. I was sloppy and floppy.

Took a break. Walked away. Sat for a few.

Approached the rings. Looked up and told myself,

Commit to it. No bullshit. No half-ass. Fully commit to it.”

BAM! I was on top of the rings and easily pressed out of the dip.

Tried several more times. One rep was right there…. but I let my left arm fly out – risked an injury with that one. Not good. Coach was focused on the boys doing Regionals Event 6 – hella nasty. He caught my last attempt. Sounds like I’m chicken winging it like a mutha. Got to work on that. I’d video myself, but then I’d have to look at myself on video. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I’m taking a band home this weekend to work the transitions in my garage. I don’t have a bar high enough to hit muscle ups – got to build that….

Commit to it.

Shut up and commit to it.

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