Muscle ups and self-defined competition….

unofficiallycrossfitbanks replied to your post “Ego….”

But do you beeeeliieeeve him? Go kick his ass.

Do I believe the guy who didn’t have a muscle up and then, within 7 days, says he completed a regionals workout 30 burpee muscle ups in 19:26?

Not just no, but fuck no.

Especially after today. Box was doing 2014 Event 6 – that nasty chipper. I didn’t have it in me, so I worked muscle ups. Got my 2nd! And got it fairly well. However, that was IT! Kept working, but I was too shot to get a 3rd.

No way that dude hit 30.

In now way does that decrease my desire…. Should we ever be in the same box again and the workout include muscle ups – I will be ready. Oh yes. I will be ready.

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