Partner WOD. Oh partner WOD….

Teams of 2
10 min AMRAP
12 pull-up/6 OHS
rest 2 min
8 min AMRAP
5 push-up/5 v-up
2 min rest
6 min AMRAP
shuttle runs

One partner completes round while other partner waits

Went total weaksauce on the OHS, and groin DID NOT HURT!!!! Hells yeah! Totally stoked even though the weight was pansy-light.

5 pushups 5 v-ups sounds easy…. until the umpteenth round. Hit 12 or so rounds

Shuttle runs. I can’t sprint or accelerate, but I ain’t letting a visitor beat me. (Helloooooo ego). Beat the guy close to me. Then my partner tagged in and hauled ass. We were 2 rounds up by the end, but I still had to out sprint the other fast guy on the final leg because reasons.

And the apparel shop was open. I was at the big box (SJ location), and they have a racquetball court full of apparel. Literally, a former racquetball court. Used my MVP gift certificate to score a red NorCal tee. I’m so stylish.

Now for Saturday chores.

Kick some ass people. You know you can.

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