The New Ending of Charlotte’s Web

written by my 9yo for a class assignment:

“The fair is cancelled because of the storm! Zuckerman will kill me because I won’t win a prize.”

“Wilbur, calm down. We’ll think of another way.”

Truth to be told Charlotte was worried too. She had only one week to save Wilbur’s life. She hadn’t thought of anything besides the fair. Charlotte then remembered her alien cousin. “If only I had something to contact her with,” Charlotte thought. Suddenly, she got an inspiration. She flung a web through a power line. She then connected the web to a web-built Web-phone. “Gor-ga-bing, can you come to Earth?”

“Yes,” replied Gor-ga-bing. Two days later, Gor-ga-bing arrived. Charlotte said, “Can you help me save Wilbur’s life? I have only four days left.” Gor-ga-bing answered, “We must think.”

One day later Gor-ga-bing suggested they duplicate Wilbur so the duplicate would be eaten instead. It took one day for the equipment to be set up. Only 3 days left!

It took one more day to check the equipment. Then, “Are you ready?” asked Gor-ga-bing. “Yes!” exclaimed Wilbur.

“Boom!” There were 2 Wilburs. The next day, Zuckerman killed and ate the duplicate, and Gor-ga-bing left. 

“Hooray!” shouted Wilbur, “I lived!”

The End… 

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