That was a burner

Yesterday’s WOD:
50 walking Lunges
400m Run
40 Toes to Bar
400m Run
30 Walking Lunges
400m run
20 Toes to Bar
400m Run

Little less than legit on the lunges. Can’t get my left knee to the ground without feeling like a dagger is being shoved into my patella tendon, so I avoid full range on that one.

Ran at a moderate pace. Enough to catch all but 2 people ahead of me. Unfortunately both of them are much better at T2B than I am.

Was able to rip out 3 sets of 10 T2B, then a set of 5. Then my T2B left me to find a new home. Hate it when that happens. Swinging singles for 5 then back to the run.

Then lunges, then run, then swinging singles in sets of 5 for another 20 T2B. Then all out on the run. Great to Rx it (except for the knee) and still come in 3rd. Chest heaving, abs screaming, lay on the floor and contemplate mortality kind of finish.

Love this stuff.

Then we did hollow rocks and hollow rock holds…. that was NASTY.

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