Put a Sock On It!

I forgot to look at today’s WOD before heading to the box. Teams of 3:

50 thrusters
10 rope climbs
40 thrusters
8 rope climbs
30 thrusters
6 rope climbs

Yeah. Rope climbs shred bare legs, and I workout in shorts. Luckily I teamed up with a dad and his son (currently a Div 1 men’s volleyball player at Ohio State, no pressure), and the dad was a good dad. He’d read the WOD and brought extra socks for people who had not thought ahead.

Rx was 135#, but with shoulder feeling really bad I was glad we went at 95#. At 40 thrusters each we were still hitting the same # of reps as Fran. OK, 5 shy…

I convinced the group to work in sets of 5 which kept us moving fast. Using legs on rope climbs is still a challenge. With my shoulder being jacked I couldn’t go legless. Thank goodness for that sock or the skin on my left leg would be shredded.

Killed it in 11:20 or so. Got nicely chastised by coach that we should have gone heavier.

No thanks. I hate thrusters let alone heavy thrusters.

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