Good shoulder pain…

Both of my shoulders hurt, but it’s DOMS not joint pain. Or maybe the DOMS is overwhelming the usual joint pain….

Rope climbs on Saturday. When I first did rope climbs in CrossFit I would do them legless. Not because I’m a beast, but because I’m totally uncoordinated. I could not figure out how to work arms and legs together.

Now I get how to work the rope with my legs. (Hint: don’t wrap the rope around your dominant leg). But I still don’t get the “push with your legs don’t pull with your arms thing.” I mean – I “get it” – logically. It’s not all there physically.

Though my legs helped a lot on Saturday I still did too much pulling with my arms, and my shoulders are reminding me of this. Maybe I should have tried for a shoulder rub yesterday. After all, I’m hurting. Then again, asking my wife to rub “my” shoulders on Mother’s Day would not have been the wisest of questions…

and I have a nice sunburn to cope with too.

‘sposed to hit 98° on Wednesday. Woohoo!

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