Go Light. Do it Right. (and a weighted pull-up PR)

Lots of ground to cover. Surprisingly active day.

Started the workout with weighted pull-ups. We only have 1 belt, so I was holding dumbbells between my knees. Got up to 65# weighted pull-up. Only a 3# PR, but a PR nonetheless.

WOD was 21-15-9: OHS (135# Rx) and Chest-to-Bar pullups

I suck at OHS, so I tried something different. Instead of going with a weight I could do I dropped down, way down, embarrassingly light down to only 65#.

‘Twas a good choice. I hit each round unbroken and felt stable. I never feel stable in overhead squats with my weaksauce shoulders and horrible lower-half mobility. Sometimes you have to go backwards to make gainz.

On the Job Front

I mentioned a while ago that I picked up a new gig within my current company. Well they finally announced a major restructuring of my old team. We all knew it was coming. VP was useless in his role and needed to be moved on. As usual in major transitions other people were shuffled around and people with no skills in certain areas were given teams in those areas… It’s going to be tough for quite a few folks.

Me? I’m already moving on, so it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Love that.

Home Front

Last week I picked up a 3rd gift for my wife for Mother’s Day, but it didn’t arrive in time. No offense, but my wife is a pain in the ass to shop for. She has certain thoughts, and they change regularly. So I bought her a pair of capri’s from Athleta. Would the color be right? Would the style be right? Would this be a bad or a good move? Only the Shadow knows…

Turns out she spent time today trying to find a couple pair of yoga capris, and was thoroughly frustrated. Plus I was able to say the magic words, “I got these for 35% off.”

They are the right color. They are the right style. They fit. And, damnit they were on sale!!!! 

Oh yeah, they make ass look fantastic. (I care).

Dinner was more of our ground beef, grass fed Angus, grilled and served over a bed of greens.

After dinner we worked on handstands.

I’m thinking it was a pretty damned good day. Hope your’s was good too

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