1 Rep Max Back Squat…. but not today

I did not look at the WOD last night. Was feeling quit stiff and achy this morning on my way in to the box.

Oh joy. Find your 1RM Back Squat. Then 30 reps at a heavy weight followed by 1,000m row.

Okay, let’s mobilize a bit first. Now for an air squat. Ouch! Groin pain central. It’s probably not the best idea to squat heavy today. Time to switch to some major mobility work. Worked up to the Starrett special: lay on your back, lacrosse ball just above the hips, now grind it into the psoas by putting a heavy-assed kettlebell on top of the lacrosse ball.

Oh it works….

Overall, groin is not getting better. Going to switch over to my more intense chiro to see if he can help.

Stay loose people!

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