I am SUCH a good husband

On the way home yesterday I had to hit the produce market which also took me past a little deli that happens to sell Marianne’s ice cream by the quart. Being the caring husband that I am I stopped and bought 2 quarts

Caramel Fudge Crunch – for me
Mocha Crunch – for my wife

you see, the just pile a whole bunch of quart containers in the freezer, and you have to dig to find, hopefully, the flavor you are looking for. I thought my wife loved the Mocha Crunch, but there were two problems. 1) she prefers their Rocky Road, and 2) she is eating better of late and didn’t want the ice cream.

Sure, she had one bowl, just to humor me I am sure. Then I stepped in and did what all husbands should do in this situation. I ate my entire purchase of Caramel Fudge Crunch yesterday, and today I finished off her Mocha Crunch. Now she won’t be tempted.

It’s hard finding caring, loving, concerned men like me…

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