I see what you did with that programming

Unusual – mid-week team WOD.

15 minute AMRAP
1 partner runs 200
other partner does
   3 wall climbs
   6 box jumps (24”)
   9 one arm dumbbell snatches

my partner picked 55#’s which was enough to keep us working.

Warmup was shuttle run after imaginative shuttle run after imaginative shuttle run. All out. Backwards. Sideways. Head-to-head…. pretty fun but it was a bit draining.

And then we hit the WOD. Well, first we were given a choice. 15 min AMRAP and 5 minutes of abs after or 20 min AMRAP. The sorority girl spoke first and picked the one with abs. I’m actually serious. She is a sorority girl at SCU.

At 91deg it got hot quickly, and i hate wall climbs. All of us were drenched in sweat by the end of 15 minutes. Here’s the sneaky nasty part. If this had been a solo WOD, which it easily could have been, most folks would have backed down a bit. As it was a team WOD, of course we “owed it to our partner” to go hard. Damned peer pressure.

Then it was 12 situps while partner held a plank, switch, for 3 minutes or so. Then Tabata style hollow rock holds and V-ups. My abs were screaming at me.

Good times.

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