I Felt Pretty Good – for a moment….

started off the at home in order to hit a 10:30am Chiro/ART appointment. At 9:45 I used my incredible powers of time management and realized, “I don’t have enough time to dive into a work project, but I can grab my sander and hit the drywall in the half-bath.”

Brilliant idea. Make complete use of time. 

Of course the patch is low (from the floor to 4 feet), and it’s behind a toilet. It was easiest to drop into a squat and get the areas that needed sanding.

Yeah, cold muscles and that darn femoral nerve thing.

Dropped into a squat and I’m happy nobody was home. Cursed a blue streak. That shit hurt. Of course I kept sanding. Mostly done now. There are a couple of areas that need a skim coat, but that will be quick.

Next time, I’m going to kneel down.

Oh yeah, Chiro says the area is now moving freely after he dug his knuckles into my hip capsule. Just need to give it some time to heal. One coach was nice enough to call me out, “You can still drag your ass into the box. We will gladly make up some alternative workouts that won’t blast your hip.”

Thanks coach.

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