Ever changing plans… body and career

Femoral nerve thing is better, and it’s clear that I need to let it mend. I think I tweaked things in that deadlift/box jump workout in the Open. Then I shoveled all that mulch (still more to go) in my backyard. From there it’s been a couple of months of not letting the body heal and, possibly, inflicting more damage.

My squat cycle is unfinished. I was feeling stronger but hampered by the groin thing. Wish I had found a new 1RM. Yes, even in injury I seek to push harder – are you somehow different?

Thought at this moment is to chill out. Let the body do it’s work to get my groin/nerve healed. Hardcore rest up for the near term. Some shoulder, upper body but not squats/wallballs/whatever.

Thinking about next steps though. Per the calendar I will def be clear in early August (travel, vacation, etc.). Seriously considering doing a Smolov cycle.

That will put some strength into my legs. The time it takes tho’….

Career – transition plan to new gig is currently on hold due to an exec management shuffle. Yes, it is a case of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, but these things are normal. On hold for a couple of days while things get sorted out.

So, heal up. Smolov. Kick off new job. Not necessarily in that order.

My goal is still to do a LOT better in the 2015 Open, and to do that I need to dramatically increase my strength. Gotta do it. Gonna love it.

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