Rant: Stupid Financial Decisions

Family member is asking me for help in choosing their next car. Rightly, I’m seen as the best financial guy in the family. Making it around here on a single income hasn’t been easy, but we get by pretty well. Then again, I am definitely NOT a car aficionado. I like cars, but I drive a 14 year old Honda Accord. Whatevs. It gets me where I need to go and still gets 28 MPG when I drive it nicely.

So, family member drives a Yukon XL – 16 MPG. They “can’t afford to drive it with the cost of gas these days” – $4.00/gallon where they live.

They really, really, really, really, really, like totally really want to buy either a [drumroll please]

a Camaro or a Mustang

Now I’m not one to call my family member an idiot, but that is a plainly idiotic choice. Go from a 16 MPG vehicle to a 19 MPG vehicle. Bump up your insurance costs by 25% to 35% when switching from a “mom car” to a “unfulfilled childhood issues” car. And, as if I need to add, they are barely getting by financially.

Yeah, totally makes financial sense. Especially when your commute is 5 miles AND it’s through a high school. Yep, plenty of opportunity to open that hot rod up and feel its power on a daily basis.

Seriously – don’t ask me if you know in the end that you are just going to do whatever you damned well please.

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