Thinking about IV (Santa Barbara killings)

Not a fun topic but one that has been on my mind. Maybe it’s that Santa Barbara and Isla Vista are near and dear to me.

Two factors come to mind. I’m not expert. All the evidence is not in. But two things stand out to me through this, and, for that matter, through many of the recent massacres.

1 – mental illness as a whole. We pity and rally to support those with cancer, and we shun those with mental illness. I think this is partially why we don’t have more efficient legislation to identify people who are mentally ill and remove weapons from their possession. After all, who wants to have “was mentally ill” follow them around for years to come? Nor do we have efficient systems to care for those who are mentally ill.

Sure, some may disagree by saying “this guy was not diagnosed” – well, by my definition it takes some level of mental illness to kill 6 people for no reason. Then again, I’m not a professional.

2 – this one hits me hard as a father of daughters, and I haven’t seen it discussed much. It appears that the killer felt he was owed sex or owed control over a woman’s body. His rantings show a pattern of a person who was royally pissed off that he couldn’t get laid. Excuse me for being very abrupt, but that’s basically the point. Maybe it was his mental illness, but it seems so much bigger. Women – you’re reason for existence is to provide your body to men, and if a man can’t get that then it’s your fault.

Looking around – it’s not just this kid. There is a lot of our culture that relegates women to 2nd class roles. Granted, that’s not always overtly as sexual providers, but it’s pretty often. 

It’s hard, if not impossible, to take a single incident and apply it to a broader society. For me, I wonder how we can get to an equitable society where women are truly equal, in all things, when this mind-numbingly stupid belief systems exists.

This post doesn’t read well. It’s more about my current thoughts and wells structured discussion.

As a whole, it feels like there are a couple of major points that need to be dealt with that are completely exclusive of gun rights and weapons.

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