CrossFit Judging

everyrepcounts replied to your post “No Wildcards for the Games???”

What? Just confirms my suspicion that a) Lindsey was sabatoged b) CrossFit is a big baby. If they paid their athletes from before instead of requiring people to pay for the open, Regionals and the Games maybe the NPFL wouldn’t be a COMPETITION!

“Sabotage” is tough to believe. That would require a plan to block an athlete, specifically Lindsey, from qualifying.

I think it is less insidious than that but still troublesome. CrossFit judging is sorely lacking. Sure, there are standards, but the judges are nowhere near accomplished enough. To ref in high school one needs specific training (around here it’s a lot of training). To ref in college sports, one had to climb the ranks. An MLB or NBA ref – years and years of experience, and even then they make mistakes.

To judge CrossFit Regionals – all you need is a 10 section online course. That’s it. That’s all. Add in that some movements are complex, not to mention out of sight of the judge (i.e. 14 foot up a rope) and there is room for improvement.

I thoroughly appreciate that effort that already goes into CF judging. I just think there is room for improvement.

Sabotage? I just don’t see it rising to that level.

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