Sometimes I really don’t like my body

not for how it looks – well, that too – more because I’m always breaking. I now a lot of people who do what I do and who DON’T FREAKIN’ BREAK EVERY COUPLE OF MONTHS!

Doc spent a bunch of time asking about my back. Ummmm, but it’s my GROIN that hurts.

I’ve spent years with lumbar spine issues. L5-S1 is basically gone. I had L3-L4 cauterized (melt and reform). More cortisone shots than I can remember: disc, nerve paths, facet joints on several levels. Also tried nerve cauterizations, 3 levels, I think.

CrossFit saved me from a 2nd surgery, so there is something to core strength.

After poking and prodding, watching me walk, range of motion stuff, the usual reflex testing (“Have you always been this non-responsive to reflex stimulation?” – how would I know?), then more time talking about my workout routine, “Oh, you were a runner.” and “I don’t know CrossFit, is it mainly high impact exercise?” and finally “maybe you should try yoga. It could help” Doc postulated that she thinks the pain is in my hip, but it’s origin is in my lumbar spine.

Choices – MRI and PT or get an MRI and go from there, and she threw in a hip X-ray for good measure (see above: she was really NOT a fan of running)

I’m tired of MRI’s. My shoulder MRI lead to surgery which hasn’t helped. Doc thought it was because I was afraid. Uhhh, no. I usually fall asleep in an MRI. I’m just not happy about the cost (usually over $500 out of pocket), and the time and the lack of real info they provide. However, I will get it done.

So, in all likelihood, it’s my crappy back again. Though she did raise a couple of eyebrows at the amount of running I used to do. Maybe you non-runners have a point.

On a good note….

had to pull up my shirt so she could analyze the curvature of my spine. Pulling my shirt down she said, 

“You have an excellently muscled back”

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