Month: June 2014

Don’t Cherry Pick your WODs

it’s a short but pointed post on the box blog today. It’s nicely done, but it reads as follows (at least to me):

“Look loser. You suck at a lot of stuff. Don’t even think of bagging the workout for a rest day just because your lameass doesn’t want to work hard.”

Today’s WOD? Thusters

They may not have been thinking about me when they wrote their screed, but  they were definitely thinking about me.

Now I feel like I have to show up. Thrusters? ‘eff me.

Boardwalk conversation – word problems

Daughter “That tower is 31 of me plus 1 foot”

Me “What?”

D “That tower (pointing to freefall tower) is 31 of me plus 1 foot”

Me “How do you know that?”

D “It’s 125 feet tall, and I’m 4 feet tall.”

Me “How do you know it’s 125 feet tall?”

D “It says so. See? Right there. 125 feet. I wanted to figure out how many of me that was.”

Me “You figured that out since we turned the corner 2 seconds ago?”

D “Yep.”

Me “What is 6 x 8?”

D “ummmmmmmmm [long pause, clear mental gymnastics, looking at the ground]…. is it 48?”

The point is simple. Times tables are important, but the ability to see a situation and come up with a quick solution to a complex problem is soooooooo much more important.

Girl science rocks.


You are mistaken. HL/Connestoga claim that contraceptive pills ARE abortificants… which they are not.

they actually only objected to 4 out of the 20 methods of contraceptives listed in the affordable care act

It is true, they sued based on 4 meds (Plan B, Ella, IUD’s, can’t remember the 4th). However, and this is critical, it is that they “believe” these methods cause abortions. The medical community has put forth that the methods work pre-fertilization and are not known to work post-fertilization.

So what we have is a for-profit entity saying, “we believe this scenario to be true no matter what the science actually says.” and their employees personal lives are affected.

The Supremes just allowed personal bias to overrule fact. That’s flippin’ scary. Another (privately held) company can now say, “we believe that the other 16 forms listed in the ACA are also abortificants.” – and they have no need to prove their point. It’s just their belief that matters. Whether that belief has a factual basis or not.







Why aren’t we doing this in all 50 states??

moving to Iowa

is there a way to petition for this to be a required class for graduating in all 50 states???

Interesting idea.  Very interesting that they are making only males take it.

^^yeah that’s super annoying. It should be both genders, not just guys. Even if males have higher tendency to commit sexual assaults, it should be required for both. Love the idea, though.

Higher tendency? Like 9,999,999 to 1.

As a male, can’t see a reason for women to take this course. Focus on the problem.

Steam train selfie.

Steam train selfie.

Anybody else riding a steam train through giant redwoods today?

Are you legally allowed to call it “Hot & Fresh” when you are selling deep fried Twinkies?

random boardwalk questions

That pizza really wasn’t great

but it was pizza. Amiright?




Sometimes. I don’t know if I should be ashamed it proud of my cheat meals!

This is what dreams are made of

You should be ashamed!!!

Them ain’t real Oreos…. Blasphemy.