Month: July 2014

Cleans and a sprint chipper

Dropped in at CF Foggy Bottom again. Welcoming folks. Wish it wasn’t within a real gym which makes the $25 drop in fee mandatory, but whatevs. Some people would love this box. It’s in a racquetball court in a basement i.e, no running. @putthatazztowork

Cleans and a sprint chipper. Alternated cleans with handstands. Coach is former gymnast and gave me some great advice. Much appreciated

Chipper bunch of quick stuff. I started 2 min back and made up ground on my leader. Couldn’t catch him though it helped me to have a target.

Good stuff. Kick some ass today.

Mt Vernon

Took the boat from Alexandria to Mt. Vernon today. Great time and by water is an awesome way to see things differently.

Right hip is on fire again tho. Not sure if it’s cortisone wearing off or if I tweaked it.


well ive been researching for over 20 years and both my trainers for over 40 years. ass to grass is wrong. be careful of where you do your research, especially on the internet. there is a lot and i do mean A LOT of wrong info on nutrition and fitness. you can do what you want of course but if you start to feel any pain in the knee keep what i said in mind ok?



I will 🙂 I really appreciate your advice so thank you.

Yes, there is a lot of incorrect information in the fitness industry, evidently this Anon has spent the last 20 years reading all of it.

Ass to grass IS wrong.

Unless you want to get a heavy assed weight to your shoulders (or overhead) without wasting a lot of effort lifting a bar way too high…..

But that’s just how I calculate Work being Force * Distance. You know….science.

East Coast Mexican food

Seriously folks. Do you guys hate yourselves or what?

Bland is NOT a flavor!!!

Air and Space

Never talk to TSA

They don’t appreciate words like “Hi,” or “Good morning.”

DC bound. Kids up at 5am ready to roll.

It’s not the individual workouts that amaze me. I kind of expect Games competitors to be amazing. It’s that there are up to 4, or more, hellacious workouts per day, and these folks go hard ALL THE TIME. That amazes me.


TFW, during a job interview, you thoughtfully rub your chin and think…

Oh, forgot to shave this morning.

No worries. I’m wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops….. it’s not like it matters.

I wore a full suit to my first interview and felt under dressed. Not anymore.

Still trippin’ on Camille going straight from C2B into bar muscle-ups without even pausing at the bottom.


thecrossfitflog replied to your post “Advice needed: Gloves”

Do you use chalk at all??

Yes, I use chalk. I sweat a lot and cannot grip the bar at all unless I chalk up.

Re: gloves.