Month: September 2014



do you ever write a message but halfway through you think “you know what fuck it they dont even care” and delete it

All the fucking time.

Nope, but I often delete messages when I realize I’m being way to sarcastic…

People who take pics/vids off of Instagram and watermark them as their own on Tumblr…are a special kind of asshole.


letskeepthisasecret-babe replied to your post “letstakearunthroughspace replied to your post “HR is offering free BMI…”

the navy did a BMI check because on the scale i weighed more than what was allowed and BMI put me in obese but they’d just stare because i was in amazing shape for my job and they’d just fill out the waiver and leave me alone.

I was in when they first started requiring full body pictures instead of just headshots for Chief selection. Let’s just say that made a LOT of 1st classes mad.

They had required it for officers for a few years, but bringing it down to Chief was a shock. Saw a lot of guys out running and in the sauna…

I laughed at the jackhole who had capped on my during the PT assessment for not paying attention to the rules he added. Dude couldn’t even do a sit-up and decided to enact his own standards but only for us, not himself. Let’s just say his full-length pic was not flattering and may have contributed to him not making Chief.

letstakearunthroughspace replied to your post “HR is offering free BMI analysis….”

I hate BMI. It says I am obese. Lol

Well I am clearly healthier than you are…

because I am only “overweight.”  😉

In almost 47 years of being on this planet there has NEVER been a single person who looked at me and said, “you are overweight.” Never.

scrawny, skinny, thin….. I’ve definitely heard those.


HR is offering free BMI analysis….

because calculating BMI is so hard to do…

not to mention, BMI if utterly useless for the majority of the population.

unless HR is attempting to screen OUT people who are high risk. Hmmmmmm……

If you HAD to choose, which would you pick? 200 WBs or 200 Burpees?


For the sake of transparency the WBs are 20/14# to 10’ target and burpees are to a 6’ target.

Since one coworker responded with “I pick WB with tennis balls” and the other said “I pick WB with a 8# ball”. Smh.

So the first is Karen +50. The second is 7min of burpees, 2x + 25 or so.

I’m shocked. They are roughly the same duration, but the wallballs would be faster. My gut said burpees, but the math tells me it’s better to do 200 wallballs.

and I hate wallballs

Totally agree with the “troll figurine” part.

Wife’s box did a 5k this morning

so jealous

Just when you thought selfies couldn’t get ANY more indulgent….

wearable quadcopter camera drone, and, yes, I want one…

Is working 1/2 a day a WOD?

PT this morning – ouch! Appreciate it, but “increasing range of motion” means there is something blocking range of motion that needs to be worked through.

Learning…. Today I learned the difference between external rotation and internal rotation for the hip joint. Don’t laugh. It’s the opposite of the way the foot goes, and quite frankly, I have never really cared. At this stage I am allowed to do slow, controlled internal rotation but not (I repeat NOT) external rotation. Now you know. Well, now I know.

In the office for 1/2 day. Good to have a reason to get up and get moving. Then things started to hurt, and I scurried home for some quality time with my beloved icepack. 

I’m farther along than I expected to be. Really thought I’d still be using crutches or a cane. That said, I’m still an impatient bastard and want to be fully healed NOW!!!! But you know that about me. Goal was to work this week from the office. New goal is to work 1/2 days from the office and the other 1/2 day from home office Thankfully I have a home office to work from.