Month: October 2014

Time Marches On – Halloween edition

Oldest (9yo) informed us that she would prefer to trick-or-treat with her friends tonight.

Independence doesn’t happen when you graduate high school. It’s a series of slow, steady steps…


“Just spray paint the #pumpkin,” she says. “We have a bunch of [editor’s note;15 year old] spray paint cans under the workbench.” #Halloween #craft

Unpopular Opinion: I think candy corn is disgusting.




Wish we had one of these when our girls were little.

amberjpete replied to your post “Do not kip!”

Just bust out a 100 strict pull ups you’ll be fine

No problem. Will bust them out tonight…

and @fightingthebeastinside – yep, kipping can be risky, but da speed of those butterflies yo!!! Something about the poetry of motion when flying through pull-ups….

Do not kip!

asked PT if I could start kipping dem pull-ups

He just shook his head, “Probably not a good idea yet.”

So I’m staying strict


How can you not be excited for this?
CrossFit Invitational. Four teams. Numerous champs. November 9th.

Not excited because I commute past the Shark Tank everyday, have no real desire to go there, and I missed the discount ticket offering…

Dad-brag…. because I can.

Test scores and all that. Turns out I was off in my reporting of my kids test scores. Not the aggregate result, more about the details. My oldest said she had answered only 19 questions (out of 50), but her raw score was 28 which means she answered at least 28 questions. So now that we have that update.

To take the test one has to have a self-reported 98th percentile or higher on school standardized tests. Youngest hit 76th percentile on Verbal. Oldest ranked at 98th percentile on Verbal and 71st percentile on math.

I was happy with those scores. Then I did a relative assessment of the Verbal section. Youngest is at the 76th percentile – of the 98th percentile. Oldest is at the 98th percentile of the 98th percentile, and her results are as a 4th grader in a 4th and 5th grade pool. Holy shit!

Yes, because the entry requirement is self-reported there is a lot of room for error, but I’m sticking with my amazement. 

These girls ROCK!

Liking this company more and more….

espresso machine is back.

PQ Registration Details

PQ Registration Details



It’s baaaaaack!!!

Only $2,000 per person (4 person teams) will get you more suffering in 4-7 days than you care to imagine.

quietlywaitinonnothin – you know you wanna.

Damnit I kinda do….I got the team; you, me, your wife, & my boyfriend.

Also I wont have that kind of expendable money till 2017 at the earliest, so we have plenty of time to train.

Primal Quest is such an awesome event, Steve has wanted to do it for a while.. If your wife says ‘hell no, I’ll crew/watch/take a vacation’ Steve’s AR buddy will fill in. 

My wife????

Look, I’m saying this as a friend…. put down the crack pipe and get thee into a 12-step program.   😉

I love the woman with all my heart, but she will never, ever, never do an adventure race….. or go camping. Not her style. She’s cool with me doing it which is a great thing.