[rant] Relative Morality

I tried to just let it go. I tried to not judge, but sometimes….

Buddy from the gym is a private pilot. Like Gulfstream private jet private pilot not like “I have a little Cessna” private pilot. He’s a good guy. Positive, encouraging, clearly a dedicated family man. I respect family men. Politically we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I think he’s nuts, and we’ve had some interesting exchanges. Obama may not be the best president of all time, but he sure as hell is not a “Nazi.” Nor is Obama a communist. Granted, if you just see the word “communist” as a slur then maybe, but if you know anything about communism, the actual socioeconomic system… then you’d know Obama is not that. Like I said, maybe Obama ain’t your cup of tea. Cool. Whatever. Just drop the BS of nazi and communist and all that because they don’t apply. Using those words is just name calling. And there are the claims of being immoral. Now, “moral” is a personal definition, so it’s not really worth arguing.

The point – buddy is self-labeled very moral, conscientious, law respecting, social order, type of guy who hates those who go against his views of justice and morality.

Sooooooo, my buddy is on a job delivering planes and shuttling people around in a country on a certain large continent. A certain oil rich country that is also notoriously poverty-ridden and is on a continent that has been rife with conflict for decades and decades.

Delivering planes… planes that cost about $22M each…. in a country where 95% of the population survives on less than $100 per month. 

Rant part – dude actively posts pics both of the squalid conditions, of needing AK carrying guards to go to the market, dissing the locals for being backwards and unsafe, and of the “beautiful, obviously well cared for homes” surrounding the private airports.

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there some part of the human brain that says, “Yes, I’m making a LOT of money on this assignment, but it’s clearly coming from a very small, VERY corrupt sub-segment of the population and that is incredibly immoral.”

Isn’t there a little bit of internal dialog going on to realize the people living in hovels on dirt streets are working just as hard to survive as the rich people are working to acquire ever more wealth, but the rich folks have stacked the deck? That the “nice people” are not really “nice” at all even though they go to church and pay your salary?

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