I like hanging out with athletes (in person and virtually)

Most of my Facebook crowd are ex-triathletes I’ve known for years. Most of us are doing other things (CrossFit, dragon boat racing, climbing, highland games), but we all still are athletes. Goodness knows the majority of my Tumblr group are athletes.

We get it. We get celebrating personal wins – no matter if they are big or small. We get how pissy we become when we can’t workout.

Nobody in my office understands why I’m really worried about never pulling a 400# deadlift again. This crowd knows that I will, but I’m going to be a total fucking stress case about it until I can get back in the gym. Yeah, they also know that I will pull a 500# dead some day, but I’ll worry about 400 for months….

Hang out with people who understand you. The good times are always easy. It’s having a group who deals with you during the down times that makes all the difference.

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