Downside of working in a shopping mall

Architecturally speaking… I work in a shopping mall. Multi-story building with a enclosed central courtyard, escalators, glass elevator in the center. It would be a perfect shopping mall, but it’s an office building.

And it’s hella weird. We are in a interior office suite. Our “external” windows face a hallway to the offices that have external windows… Therefore NO natural light. No way of inherently “feeling” the real world.

It’s flat out weird that I check Wunderground just to see what it’s like outside…

Never thought I would be thankful to move back into an ugly tilt-up, but so stoked that we will be moving next Spring. Just being able to easily walk outside, instead of taking 4 escalators or an elevator will be a blessing. Stairs are “for fire exit only” which keeps them out of the equation.

Feeling like a hamster in a cage….

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