Month: December 2014

Nephew just pinned on his Third Class, and he’s wearing a khaki shirt

Serious – WHAT THE FUCK – going on in my head. Khakis? Third Class? Navy has seriously changed.

I don’t care, it’s more “holy Hell! I am seriously old if things have changed this much.”

obsoletemodel replied to your post “Home gym dilemma…. or “internal dialog”

I long for the days when my garage gym is finished. My commute to Crossfit is 40 minutes and lifting and working on weaknesses on off days

I am making pizzas tonight for New Year’s Eve

bacon, chèvre, sausage, basil….

any requests?


Just a fun little way to remember all the awesome moments through the year! ❤️ #2015 (at

Interesting idea. I thought that I’d made little to no progress in 2014 until I looked at my PR app and realized a LOT had been gained.

Home gym dilemma…. or “internal dialog”

I lust after well-equipped home gyms. It doesn’t take much. A squat rack, some bumper plates, a bar. Add an erg for good measure, and I already have the erg, pull-up bar and rings….

For an easy $750-$1,000 my garage could be a pretty decent workout space. The money is there, but….


Would I use it?

Let alone, would I use it REGULARLY?

Honest answer – No, I would probably not use it. I’m just not a solo workout person when it comes to cross fit and olympic lifting. I keep thinking it would be a good option since many of my meetings are with East Coast engineering, and I’m up early to talk to them. In my heart I doubt that I’d hit many reps though.

but it would be sooooooo sweet to have a garage box. Wouldn’t it?

75# Isabel and 95# Grace – Fran cough – and I’m a bit high right now

endorphin high….

Yeah, I showed up at the box. Girls in tow. The hit the rope (max 8’ when Dad isn’t spotting) and did their best to frustrate several women who can’t rope climb. Trust me – you can rope climb. Kids just don’t know any better.

Decided to go ahead and do both Isabel and Grace but at markedly lower weights than Rx. Paired up with a newbie. Helped him a bit. Couldn’t help but get a little stoke from clearly being much stronger even with my sucky current cardio.

Turns out you CAN do Isabel unbroken. You just have to drop to 55% of Rx weight. My thumbs are tore up from hook grip. Surprise! I used to despise hook grip. Now it’s so natural that I tried a couple of reps without it and felt darn near naked.

Endurance is so low, lungs are so weak, that I was hacking like I had just PR’d Fran. 3 hours later I’m still coughing a bit and the endorphins haven’t completely worn off.

Good stuff.


Alright. I know you’ve been waiting patiently. Time to reward your patience with an accounting of my goals for 2015.

What? You haven’t been waiting let alone patiently? Just humor me then…

  • Be a better father – sometimes I think I project a pretty good Dad persona in my various family related posts, but I’m a micro-managing control freak who can flip a switch into yelling asshole in a heartbeat. Need to continue my daily progress towards being calm, setting my personal bullshit aside, and working, without excuses, to be better. Trust me, it’s the biggest challenge I face.
  • Get my butt in gear in the office – finally have a job with massive freedom of scope, huge responsibility, potential for a really nice upside, and an excellent C-suite. Freaks me the hell out.

That’s it.

Crossfit will happen. No need to setup a bunch of goals that I may or may not hit depending on recovery and all that. Already have a set of goals that have been in place for a couple of years.

2 goals for 2015.

Your input…. Fitness Apps: RunKeeper or MapMyFitness

got a new, inexpensive, bathroom scale that measures body fat%. I like data. Lots of data. I like graphs.

Scale connects via Bluetooth to phone, but the scale’s app doesn’t have an online tool. However, the scale’s app does synch with MFP, RunKeeper, and  MapMyFitness. I have an MFP account, but MFP does not track body fat%.

Are ya kidding me here? An app that is overtly targeted at weightless doesn’t track bodyfat%? That’s moronic.

sooooo, which is better?

RunKeeper or MapMyFitness


Don’t look at the WOD

Today is Isa-Grace.

Not in my wheelhouse given the whole hip thing, but scaling is always an option. Looking first has me trying to talk myself out of it….

I, in no way, condone theft…

…. most of the time…..