Butts vs. Boobs – a social observation

Wife and I were watching some reality show (I know which one, but I will not admit to watching it). Couple of guys were at a hotel pool party. Wife says, “That really has changed.”

Of course I had to ask, “what has changed,” and she mentions that the zoom in shots of the women at the pool were all of the women’s butts and not their breasts. In our formative years, it was all about breasts. Cleavage shots. Side boob. Big breasts. All of it. All of the posters marketed to teenage boys were of the front side of women. I can’t even remember a Heather Locklear poster (yeah, I’m that fucking old) with a back view.

We scrolled back through the pool scene. Because I can’t be an objective commentator without having seen the evidence – I’m a trained scientist after all… and she was right. Every closeup of a woman in a bikini was a backside. There weren’t even any frontside shots.

Setting aside objectification of women (if one can ever set that aside) I was surprised how much female beauty standards have morphed. Sure, they are still unreasonable and nonsensical.

Not saying it is “progress” to trade one body part for another. Just observing that things have changed A LOT.

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