Starring down MS! Had my 6-month MS check-up. Everything’s been going well. Physically & cognitively I feel as good, if not better, than I did before this diagnosis. Other than some occasional fatigue, wobbly legs, and word-finding difficulty, my symptoms are virtually nonexistent. Although my neuro doesn’t buy that diet plays a significant role in the MS battle (I, of course, believe otherwise), he does believe that exercise plays a neuroprotective role in the fight & is a factor in my wellbeing. He has complemented me several times on my commitment to “vigorous exercise” and said that is probably why I look like I’m in my “early forties.” Haha, is that conventional medicine recognizing the anti-aging benefit of exercise? #MSWarriors #BeatMS

Early 40s my ass! Tell me doc how many 40 year olds look like this…

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