Should not be running, but…..

WOD was 3 rounds:

500m row
21 KBS
15 Strict HSPU
9 box jump 30”

OK, that was Rx. We have only 5 working rowers (and 15 Air Assault bike…in boxes), so coach sub’d 400m run. Went with 44# kettlebell just to keep moving. HSPU – hell no. Strict dumbbell press, and I did step ups to 24”. We did this in waves. My buddy Steve took off first. I told him he is faster. He’s hella NOT under normal circumstances, but I’m still on the mend.

Warmup included a 400m run, and I took it really, really slow. Just get the joint moving.

WOD. Steve took off on his 400 and came in at 2:10. I meant to keep it light, but there were targets ahead of me. Greyhound chasing a rabbit, baby… Felt so good to lengthen my stride. Came in at 3:50. Really surprised that I was stupid enough to hit a 1:40. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. By the 3rd round I had to wait for Steve to finish his kettlebell swings. That is not bad for me ego.

Total cold weather lungs though. It wasn’t brutal, but I’m not at all used to 45deg. My patella tendons were really feeling it.

Got it done, and came home to a lovely tonkatsu dinner. And, since it’s January 2nd, traffic didn’t suck either.

Good stuff.

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