When 8 year olds ATTACK!!!

Sunday WOD. the main bit was:

Teams of 2
70 box jumps
60 wallballs
50 pullups
60 wallballs
70 box jumps

Of course I scaled the box jumps to step ups, and I scaled to wall balls to maybe a 60% squat (def not hip crease below knees). Workin’ hard…. have a shit-ton of fitness to get back, and my hip screams when I try to put it quickly under load (i.e. wall balls).

Oh well, progress is still progress. On a good note, my patella tendinitis is back in BOTH knees. Joy….. That’s one thing I did not miss when I was laid up.

We also have a Sunday capper called Sexy Abs Sunday. This time it was Life by Sit-Ups. Coach doesn’t like the phrase, “Death by”

6 situps on the first minute
+3 situps every minute.

up to 18 was manageable. 21 hurt. 24 really hurt. One person made it through 30, took a bit of a break and then knocked out 33.

My 8 year old daughter.

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