So I got the new body fat% scale. Connected it to my wife’s phone, since it has Bluetooth v4, with the SmarTrack app. Since SmarTrack doesn’t show history I synch that to RunKeeper which does have a better tracking mechanism and an online graphing tool. This also synchs back to my ancient iPhone4, so it all comes full cycle. It also allows me to view graphs. I like graphs. Did I mention that?

OK, after a couple of weeks it looks like I’m at about 15.8% body fat. I guess I’m OK with that, but data for comparison is scarce. Several sources blindly suggest that approx. 20% is good for an “athletic male.” My question – how the hell do I compare to an “average” 45-49 year old American Male?

One site said the average is about 30%. Another site claims the average is 27%-31%. Found this image that claims to show relative body fat%’s – not saying it’s accurate, but if it is I’m thinking 35%-40% is more of the range.


Thinking my 16% is pretty good. OK, I know it’s pretty good. Hoping to improve upon it as I get back into working out hard.

BTW, I’m too lazy to crop the women’s side of this pic. I’ve got NO IDEA if it’s even remotely accurate.

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