Days like this make me think I can be competitive again

Oh, it will take time and work. Lots of time and lots of work. But I can get there.

5 Rounds
400m run
15 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

I did 115#. Not ready to “go there” quite yet. On an interesting note. I should be cleared to start working out with weights in mid-March (maybe you can see the irony…)

Strength was 3RM Hang Power Clean. My form sucks. Take 4 months off, and that will happen. Got to 145# pretty readily and stopped there. My hip was talking a bit letting me know things are not even close to 100% yet.

For the WOD I chose 115#. In part because my buddy Steve had done it at 95#. Plus, we were supposed to go unbroken in at least the first round. 135# would have been too much.

Here’s the good part… Cruised the first run. Couple of guys blitzed it, but I knew they would come back to me. Back to the bar I hit 15 unbroken and was the first out the door. First… is a good ego boost. The cleans in round 2 were tougher but also unbroken. The runs were cake. They always are. A new guy, Ryan, was slower on the run but smoking me on the cleans. I’ve seen him clean 285#, so 135# is freakin’ easy for him. Jealous much? Yes. By the third round I wasn’t going unbroken 10 and 5. Lapping people also helps the ego. The last set of cleans was 5-5-5. Could I have sucked it up and gone unbroken? Honestly, that’s not the point. I shouldn’t have done it. My hip was aching. It was better to break it up.

15:43. and a big boost to my confidence. I’ll take it.

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