Oh Hell yes!!! Power Clean Thruster PR

WOD, as listed, looked tough

Chest to Bar pull-ups
Squat clean thruster (75/55)

warmup was  nasty partner thing with pull-ups, kettlebell swings, hollow rocks and planks. I’d almost call it a WOD.

Weights was find a heavy Squat Clean Thruster. Coach suggested I do Power Clean Thruster to save my hip. Working with a great partner helps. We were moving weight, and it felt awesome. Haven’t done heavy-ish cleans since hip surgery.

Turns out my 1RM Thruster is a weak sauce 165#. Thought it was more.

Today I hit 165# for a power clean thruster…. HELLS YEAH!!!! First post-surgery PR.

Class was huge. I did 65# for the WOD and wound up with steel plates which meant no dropping the bar. So sad. Damn, my work capacity is shot. Was able to do 15 butterfly regular pull-ups before breaking in the first round. 21 power clean thrusters were tough. Kept breaking.

Did chest-to-bar height pull-ups for the round of 15 (and 9). Didn’t hit the bar with my chest but got high enough doing them in sets of 5. The clusters were just tough. No motor in me. It will come back, but it’s not here now.

Funny thing? that 165# power clean thruster wasn’t all that hard.

Kept getting dinged for my right leg diving in during the clean. 3 separate coaches pointed it out. So much lateral stability strength lacking.


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