And some days I think, “Dude, you are so out of shape.”

Strength was 5 sets of 6 strict press at 65% of 1RM. My shoulder mobility sucks. Coach had me lean slightly forward to keep from arching my back so much.

Must. Work. Mobility.

100 Double Unders
40 Toes-to-Bar
75 Double Unders
20 Toes-to-Bar
50 Double Unders
10 Toes-to-Bar

DU’s – much better than I had thought. Haven’t worked them for months. Was able to string some together. Totally winded though even after switching to singles.

Toes-to-Bar – first off I miscounted. Pre-WOD I was knocking them out. During the WOD my abdominal stamina was gone, gone, gone. Not pretty.

Gasping, resting, dying.

Glad that one’s done.

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