Days like this make me think I can be competitive again


Oh, it will take time and work. Lots of time and lots of work. But I can get there.

5 Rounds

400m run

15 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

I did 115#. Not ready to “go there” quite yet. On an interesting note. I should be cleared to start working out with weights in mid-March (maybe you can see the irony…)

Strength was 3RM Hang Power Clean. My form sucks. Take 4 months off, and that will happen. Got to 155# and called it a stop. No need to get crazy.

Went with 115# for the WOD. Couple of guys took off like rabbits. No need to chase. They’d be coming back. First round of power cleans was unbroken and I left the box in the lead. Lot slower on the 400 though…

Second set of power cleans also unbroken but slower. New guy Ryan (totally strong, saw him do a 285# clean the other day) was creeping up because 135# clean for him is cake. He passed me in the cleans for round 3.

Round 5 I did my best on the run but had to do the cleans 3×5. My engine just isn’t there. No surprise really. Felt totally awesome to finish the WOD second.

I’ll be back.


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